Meaning of Montagu's harrier in English:

Montagu's harrier

Pronunciation /ˈmɒntəɡjuːz/


  • A slender migratory Eurasian bird of prey, the male having pale grey plumage with black wing tips.

    Circus pygargus, family Accipitridae

    ‘They are soon joined by black storks, lesser kestrels, short-toed eagles, Egyptian vultures, sparrowhawks, red and black kites, marsh and Montagu's harriers, ospreys, buzzards, booted eagles and more.’
    • ‘At Surlingham, for instance, it became scarce very quickly when a pair of Montagu's harriers nested for five years in succession on one of my marshes near the River Yare.’
    • ‘So the juvenile Montagu's harriers have started flying and giving everyone who comes to our viewpoint great views.’
    • ‘We can see the migratory behavior for the Montagu's harrier as he stays in our working area only during the march - august period.’
    • ‘Because the eggs of the Montagu's harrier are highly prized by egg collectors, we've had to keep the nest site a secret.’


Mid 19th century named after George Montagu (1751–1815), British naturalist.