Meaning of montane in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɒnteɪn/


  • Of or inhabiting mountainous country.

    ‘montane grasslands’
    • ‘The species inhabits the understoreys of montane forests, mainly plateau forests.’
    • ‘The land selected was, according to old British maps, once a shola montane forest with grassland draining into a large wetland.’
    • ‘Sure, you'll pass through three distinct ecosystems - montane, subalpine, and alpine tundra.’
    • ‘Wildlife aside, Arusha National Park is a treasure with a rich tapestry of habitats including grassland, montane forest, heath and alpine desert and soda and fresh water lakes.’
    • ‘The higher herbivory pressure by mollusks in the lowlands has been discussed as the main reason for the lower altitudinal distribution limit of montane plant species.’
    • ‘The Black Hills are the eastern limit of the Ponderosa pine forests and about the only place you can find pristine patches of montane grasslands.’
    • ‘Barred Owls can be found year-round in most lowland and montane forests throughout Washington.’
    • ‘One of the most accessible places to see a bit of the montane rainforest is near Honolulu.’
    • ‘Between these extremes of latitude, tropical dry forests and montane cloud forests grow in climatic zones that favor unique combinations of species from both north and south.’
    • ‘For example, when the climate warmed, montane forest communities contracted and moved up the mountain slopes, where the climate was relatively cool.’
    • ‘The upscale resort developers continue to covet two square kilometres of rare montane habitat on the Rocky Mountains' eastern slopes near Rocky Mountain House.’
    • ‘However, the three species are generally segregated by altitude, ranging from lowland swamp forests to higher altitude montane forests.’
    • ‘The natural vegetation on most of it is tall lowland forest, with shorter montane forests at higher elevations.’
    • ‘The montane zone ends at the subalpine zone, which is where tree growth is more difficult.’
    • ‘It would also change drastically the montane landscapes and the livelihood of their inhabitants.’
    • ‘The park is one of the last large tracts of montane wet forest in eastern or central Africa.’
    • ‘The mid-journey night in montane Flagstaff had refreshed, restored and rejuvenated me.’


Mid 19th century from Latin montanus, from mons, mont- ‘mountain’.