Meaning of mood music in English:

mood music

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mass noun
  • 1Music intended to create a particular mood or feeling.

    ‘the sound quality of the film was top-notch, with excellent mood music throughout’
    • ‘A complete album in an age of quick-hit singles, this is intimate mood music that compels you to listen closely.’
    • ‘It's incredible mood music, with nice subtle touches throughout.’
    • ‘It's pure mood music - ten instrumental tracks that take you somewhere.’
    • ‘The lyrics may be a bit melodramatic, but on a whole, this is perfect mood music to go with candles and dimmed lights.’
    • ‘If the trickling water feature doesn't start to calm you, then the mood music definitely will.’
    • ‘The right mood music can do a lot for an evening of love, but there's no accounting for taste.’
    • ‘It's mood music, sure, but more specifically dinner music - really romantic dinner music.’
    • ‘The album finds him creating a suave brand of sophisticated midnight mood music, unmistakably catchy, memorable and wildly fun.’
    • ‘The truly great thing about this record is that it's accessible to anyone as mood music, but also stands strong as a bookend to its earthier precursor.’
    • ‘It's all mood music, though, and as good as it is, you don't want it playing during that extended road trip.’
    1. 1.1A prevailing feeling or trend of opinion.
      ‘the positive mood music in Brussels injected new hope that an agreement might be near’
      • ‘the mood music from the finance ministry had changed in recent months’
      • ‘Often, the best a president can do is set a broad political climate - the mood music for the races across the country.’
      • ‘He has consistently failed to present a credible counterweight to the mood music of conservatism.’
      • ‘However, the directors have misjudged the mood music of the fans, not for the first time.’
      • ‘The mood music across Whitehall has been that reform is off the agenda.’
      • ‘To improve the mood music, the president announced a troop withdrawal from the border.’
      • ‘Not that you would know it from the mood music, but we have a thriving, competitive media sector in the UK.’
      • ‘He added: "The mood music is good and I hope we get what we want through diplomacy rather than conflict."’
      • ‘Hopes were raised when he became education secretary and he made mood music about loosening Scotland's educational uniformity.’
      • ‘That is why the mood music from Labour this week has been worrying.’
      • ‘In terms of "mood music", any political campaign worthy of the name wants to be the one offering the positive outcome.’