Meaning of mook in English:


Pronunciation /muːk/


informal US
  • A stupid or incompetent person.

    • ‘if you don't want to look like every other mook you need a sartorial trademark’
    • ‘It is now the domain of those who are paid to write and the rest of us mooks are no longer relevant.’
    • ‘Then kids watch those images and aspire to be that mook or midriff in the TV set.’
    • ‘I only hope we'll be lucky, and the marketing mooks and midriffs will learn this before it comes crashing down on all of our heads.’
    • ‘I should have voted for the guy, he thought, knowing full well that the current president's former opponent had been a complete mook.’
    • ‘I was secretly longing for a bunch of mooks to jump around the stage again.’


1930s of uncertain origin.