Meaning of moonbeam in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmuːnbiːm/

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  • A ray of moonlight.

    ‘They were horses - No, unicorns, galloping across a landscape of mountains and valleys into a mysterious realm of twilight and moonbeams.’
    • ‘Cecilia walked along the ocean shore, dipping her feet into the cool water as crisp moonbeams formed pools of light along the sand.’
    • ‘The temple was glistening with odd shadows and angles thanks to the moonbeams, and light reflected on and off his face.’
    • ‘In the dim light of moonbeams streaming through the stern windows, she caught the sparkle of a wet streak on his cheek.’
    • ‘It'll not be long now before we'll be able to see the same sight on Cardigan Bay and, with any luck, watch the dolphins playing in the moonbeams.’
    • ‘Leaning out the window, one half of my face bathed in moonbeams, I plotted my fantastic escape.’
    • ‘She turned out the light and lay down on the bed, staring at moonbeams on the ceiling… until very slowly, her eyes became heavy and closed.’
    • ‘His silhouette blocked out the moonbeam from entering the window, the dim light made it hard to see what was going on inside.’
    • ‘Her skin was pale, the color of milk and moonbeams.’
    • ‘The water sparkled, reflecting the soft, silvery moonbeams.’
    • ‘There were moonbeams shining through the branches everywhere.’
    • ‘The water seemed to be touched by moonbeams, causing it to glow.’
    • ‘The dark water flowed over sharp rocks and shined under the moonbeams.’
    • ‘The tree branches seemed to reshape themselves as the moonbeams hit them.’
    • ‘The moonbeams shifted as the trees rocked back and forth in the wind.’
    • ‘A blue haze was cast over the world as the last moonbeam pierced the skies.’