Meaning of moonshot in English:



  • 1An act or instance of launching a spacecraft to the moon.

    ‘the Apollo 17 moonshot’
    • ‘We now have chips that cram vastly more processing power in little laptops than was available - total - to NASA at the time of the first moon shot.’
    • ‘As you may recall, the Gemini capsules were intended to circle the earth a bunch of times with two astronauts on board - as a prequel to a moon shot.’
    • ‘In 1970 I published an article on the Apollo moon shot in which I compared the television presentation of that occasion to the airing of a sporting event.’
    • ‘It's a complicated vehicle - 2500 parts and more computing power than the first moon shot.’
    • ‘She basically describes a situation where many engineers and scientists who have been at the cutting edge for us all these years, were inspired to go into science and engineering by President Kennedy and the moon shot.’
    • ‘Anything great in this world has been accomplished through teamwork: the moon shot, the Internet, civil rights.’
    • ‘When he died, a former student, a leading planetary scientist, arranged for his ashes to be placed on board a moon shot.’
    • ‘And then we complain about the dullness, and invent excitements that are the kind we really like: moon shots, spaceships, curing diseases.’
    • ‘The lighting was dim, like any other bar, and there were old nostalgic pictures of moon shots and moonwalks everywhere.’
    1. 1.1An extremely ambitious and innovative project.
      ‘the tech giant's latest moonshot’
      as modifier ‘the company has the cash flow and corporate culture to pour money into moonshot projects’
      • ‘One of my friends told me that every scientist should have a moonshot in their plan.’
      • ‘Another of his major talking points was the concept of moonshots.’
      • ‘The project is a 15 billion-pound moonshot that will cut down travel times across the city.’
      • ‘Contrary to the 'moonshot promise' of new technology, most people want to do the same things they have always done, only faster, cheaper, and with much more data.’
      • ‘What started as a moonshot side project has now become a full-fledged company.’
      • ‘Let's move beyond the false debate and achieve the moonshots we know we are capable of doing!’
      • ‘What does he see as the next frontier for technological moonshots?’
      • ‘The company's secretive arm is best known for moonshot projects such as the self-driving car.’
      • ‘I believe we need a moonshot in this country to cure cancer.’
      • ‘Like any moonshot, you have to think of time as a factor.’
  • 2Baseball
    A home run characterized by its great height.

    ‘Ramirez hit an absolute moonshot into the left-field stands in the third inning’
    • ‘Brett not only hit a home run—he delivered a moonshot into the third tier of right field seats.’
    • ‘When Hack connected for a moonshot, he barely hid his glee.’
    • ‘Batting left-handed against Ray Herbert of the White Sox, he crushed a 502-foot moonshot into the center field bleachers.’
    • ‘Jackson had cleared the roof above the rightfield grandstand—maybe not as crushed as his 1971 All-Star blast off the light transformer—but a moonshot nonetheless.’
    • ‘Gehrig launching moonshot after moonshot, the Yankees had intimidated the singles-hitting Pirates into submission.’
    • ‘A moonshot, four-bagger, round-tripper.’
    • ‘He is an uppercutting power hitter with a reputation for frequent bad strikeouts and the occasional moonshot.’
    • ‘Rather than hitting a prodigious moonshot, the ball plopped harmlessly foul behind the plate.’
    • ‘There is video footage of him blowing kisses to an opposing pitcher he just launched a moonshot off of.’
    • ‘Wins and losses sometimes appeared to matter less to fans than the thrill of seeing Sammy hit another moonshot.’
    • ‘This is mock example.’