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Pronunciation /məʊp/

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  • 1Feel dejected and apathetic.

    ‘no use moping—things could be worse’
    • ‘For the record, here, I'm not moping or sulking or whining, I'm just reflecting, trying to be introspective.’
    • ‘Karl is moping in the bar over his failed relationship.’
    • ‘Why waste time moping over the fact that he's not into you in that way?’
    • ‘I was in a total downer, spent most of the day crying and moping.’
    • ‘Don't worry I'm not moping and feeling sorry for myself.’
    • ‘So I spent the night moping and being angry at myself.’
    • ‘Anna behind me was probably the coldest person in our boat, but instead of complaining or moping she just told us to keep our hands warm and to keep focused.’
    • ‘He is keen to emphasise the positives and to look forward and for the industry to stop moping and get on with delivering results.’
    • ‘Even Angel isn't moping and she broke up with Aiden too.’
    • ‘No use moping, there were chores to do around the house!’
    • ‘Karmen was still moping at having to leave David behind.’
    • ‘But he frequently has been his own worst enemy by moping and overanalyzing, leading to a loss of confidence and bad habits.’
    • ‘I was moping and feeling sorry for myself despite having swum my best times and having finaled in two events at the U.S. Olympic Trials.’
    • ‘She was sitting on the couch moping, and Kara was trying to cheer her up.’
    • ‘The last time Regina told her troubles to her diary, she was moping because she had no one to talk to and felt all alone.’
    • ‘Don't sit around moping when you could be get things finished!’
    • ‘Most of the class had already received their cards, and were silently moping in their seats.’
    • ‘I never believed in love at first sight, I still don't really but for the next month or so I really hurt and just sat around moping.’
    • ‘The court suggests he quit moping in the corner and bring us a piece of cake.’
    • ‘But there is no point sitting around and moping, feeling sorry for myself.’
    brood, sulk, be miserable, be gloomy, be sad, be despondent, pine, eat one's heart out, fret, grieve, despair
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    1. 1.1mope around/aboutWander about listlessly and aimlessly because of unhappiness or boredom.
      ‘you spend too much time moping about the house’
      • ‘But being miserable and moping around the house isn't doing me any favours either, so I finally decided to hunt out an appropriate activity.’
      • ‘Are you finding yourself moping around the house in the depths of despair, the wrong results in your hands and feeling unsure about what to do with your life?’
      • ‘My mom stopped asking me why I was moping around the house instead of doing something productive.’
      • ‘I spent most days moping around my house, waiting for good luck to come my way.’
      • ‘Troy here was just moping around the house all day so Mandy and I thought to take him out to dinner to cheer him up a little.’
      • ‘Her mom finally got sick of her moping around the house and suggested that she try-out for the production of Annie that there town was putting on.’
      • ‘All I was doing was moping around in the house because I knew that my entire summer and possibly the rest of my life was ruined because my parents still thought that I was a little girl.’
      • ‘She'd departed around ten, leaving me moping around the house alone.’
      • ‘Instead of moping around the house, you might feel better if you got back in the pool and started working again.’
      • ‘Either way, she mopes around the house like the world's going to end.’
      • ‘After Rachael had left the house, and I had gotten dressed after my shower, I had moped around the house with not much to do.’
      • ‘I moped around the house for most of the weekend, wishing Scott was with me.’
      • ‘Two days later Danni still moped around the house not wanting to do anything.’
      • ‘She moped around the house all day until about three o'clock when she went for the phone.’
      • ‘Now all she did was mope around the house crying.’
      • ‘Daddy had said I could stay home, but I didn't want to mope around the house all day, staring out the window like a fool.’
      • ‘The last week, a jumble of emotions complicated me and all I could do was mope around the house, stewing in them.’
      • ‘I don't mind disclosing to you that I've had a really miserable weekend for one reason or another - I've got Monday off work, but frankly I'd rather be at work than hanging around here moping around.’
      • ‘Everyone is entitled to feel a little hurt when things aren't going the way we planned, but moping around solves nothing…’
      • ‘He got fired in July after only nine months on the job, but you don't see him moping around.’
      languish, moon, droop, idle, loaf, fiddle, drift, stooge
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  • 1A person given to prolonged spells of low spirits.

    ‘a bunch of totally depressed mopes’
    • ‘The guy's just a big mope.’
    • ‘New: a whinge’
    melancholic, depressive, pessimist, prophet of doom, killjoy, moaner
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    1. 1.1mopesdated Low spirits; depression.
      ‘they switched to treating him like a child just bravely out of its mopes’
      • ‘Everyone seemed to have a good time, even Fiona, who was apparently trying to get over having the mopes whenever she was not the direct focus of Albert's attention.’


Mid 16th century (the early noun sense being ‘fool or simpleton’): perhaps of Scandinavian origin; compare with Swedish dialect mopa ‘to sulk’.