Meaning of moptop in English:




  • 1A man's hairstyle in the form of a long shaggy bob.

    ‘Martin is 30, scrawny, with a moptop, Maltesers for eyes and a nose big and dramatic enough to make star-crossed lovers want to jump off the top.’
    • ‘Chris looked innocent, an Abba fan with a well-shampooed moptop and a goofy grin.’
    1. 1.1A man with a moptop hairstyle.
      ‘In May 1963, Britain was firmly in the grip of Beatlemania, with the loveable moptops bestriding the hit parade with their first number one, From Me to You.’
      • ‘Then the moptop with the guitar strums a simple chord he's strummed a thousand times in his tribute act, but this time it must feel like the eyes of the world are upon him.’
      • ‘He just isn't the loveable moptop we once knew.’
      • ‘In January of ‘64 the moptops were playing some English dates, later recording and gigging in Paris - no advance promo duties in the U.S. that I'm aware of.’
      • ‘Herman's Hermits, those loveable Sixties moptops, bless their hearts, lived in normal houses with their families and partners and had the same level of social contact with other people as you or I.’
      • ‘A mean old man ells at his band of young moptops to improve their playing before they advance to the annual music competition.’