Meaning of moral certainty in English:

moral certainty


mass noun
  • Probability so great as to allow no reasonable doubt.

    ‘it enjoys moral certainty and consequently has a normative role’
    • ‘And I guess, from a standpoint of the criminal case, you know, it was a question of whether or not the evidence was proven beyond a reasonable doubt to moral certainty.’
    • ‘We don't know that beyond a reasonable doubt and a moral certainty, but I believe he's still alive, myself.’
    • ‘Arnold thus knew with moral certainty that within minutes of anyone complaining about his insult, Hans and Franz would be experiencing a comeback.’
    • ‘Shouldn't we admire zealous people who ‘believe in something,’ who burn with moral certainty?’
    • ‘Religious texts, and even the existence of God, taken on their own, fail entirely to establish moral obligation or moral certainty.’
    • ‘The moral certainty which is a good thing in a churchman is a liability in a politician.’
    • ‘Those who want ‘moral certainty’ may find themselves wondering how much moral certainty we can ever have about a system of justice administered by sinful human beings prone to sloth and prejudice.’
    • ‘The fundamentalist worldview is, consequently, rooted in absolute moral certainty.’
    • ‘In each of those cases, the prosecutors of course thought to a moral certainty that they had the right guy and that there was no doubt that this was a man who deserved to die, and the prosecutors in each of those cases were dead wrong.’
    • ‘His cause has been just, and he has sent troops in with the moral certainty that he is doing right.’
    • ‘But even where there are gaps in memory, all of us have a moral certainty about things that in particular situations we would or would not have done.’
    • ‘Possessed of a moral certainty that we were absolutely right, and that God was on our side, we stomped the opposition into submission or extinction.’
    • ‘Yet what if you believe, to a moral certainty, that the confession is a fabrication and the defendant didn't do it?’
    • ‘They seem to relish the moral certainty of Stalinism: ‘We can be made into better human beings,’ he says.’
    • ‘The war is seen as a moral certainty, a fight between good and evil.’