Meaning of moral compass in English:

moral compass


  • Used in reference to a person's ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly.

    ‘he is by no means the only senior politician who has mislaid his moral compass’
    • ‘"We will protect you," they say, but their moral compasses point toward money.’
    • ‘Jeff tries to act as a sort of moral compass to Johnny, but usually all he gets for his trouble is some harsh words.’
    • ‘It suggests a similarly false image of a helpless teen without a moral compass, at the mercy of "bad influences."’
    • ‘They are exposed for what they are - human beings whose moral compasses have become twisted.’
    • ‘Even the doctor, whose moral compass has been hopelessly skewed, risks his privileged position and his life to save her.’
    • ‘The network and the producers may have had their hearts in the right place, but they left their brains and moral compass at home!’
    • ‘He wants to do the right thing, but his resistance to prison trumps his moral compass, especially after he finds out Marvin's dirty little secrets.’
    • ‘His moral compass has gone haywire.’
    • ‘This album's loftier goal is to locate one's "moral compass" in a country that seems to have none.’
    • ‘Lacking a moral compass, they inflict their bitterness, suspicion, disappointment and rage on their current relationships.’
    • ‘He's not just slobby - he's feckless, almost amoral and as a result Rachel becomes a moral compass for him as much as a lead for the film.’
    • ‘In those cases they must use their own judgement, relying on their own personal moral compass and using their own discretion.’
    • ‘More important, the work reset his moral compass.’
    • ‘We've managed through a 36% downsizing, a 25% drop in revenue, and an even greater drop in our stock price without losing our moral compass or our culture.’
    • ‘One could certainly argue that, over time, the moral compass changes within the same society.’
    • ‘He was bereft of any moral compass.’
    • ‘Emotional responses can act as a moral compass in responding to the other and in guiding one's sense of the situation.’
    • ‘Society has lost its moral compass and sense of certainty about right and wrong.’