Meaning of moral philosopher in English:

moral philosopher


  • A person who studies the branch of philosophy concerned with ethics.

    ‘pity has a bad reputation among many moral philosophers’
    • ‘Most contemporary moral philosophers are much more admiring of justice and rights.’
    • ‘In Britain, moral philosophers and theologians had already prepared the ground with their theories on "moral sense."’
    • ‘He was the most influential moral philosopher in the second half of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘This theory of propertied individualism was then supported and popularized by Scottish moral philosophers from Hutcheson to Adam Smith.’
    • ‘An academic lawyer and moral philosopher, he has become a key player in the medical elite.’
    • ‘The best way to characterize his contribution in the ethical sphere is, perhaps, to say that he was much more a moralist than a moral philosopher.’
    • ‘MacIntyre has since become the leading light of virtue ethics, and one of the most influential Catholic moral philosophers.’
    • ‘He was a moral philosopher who wrestled throughout his life with the link, if any, between public and private duty.’
    • ‘The nominal hero of the film is a smug writer manqué who is also something of a moral philosopher, given to sermonizing on the virtues of responsibility, community, and the common good.’
    • ‘In calling for a new approach, she draws on moral philosopher Alistair McIntyre's theory of narrative.’