Meaning of moral pressure in English:

moral pressure


mass noun
  • Persuasion that involves appealing to a person's moral sense.

    ‘a vendor may find himself under moral pressure to complete as soon as possible’
    • ‘We are witnessing the application of colossal moral pressure to people who do not usually yield to moral pressure.’
    • ‘All kidding aside, applying moral pressure is exactly what the EU should be good at in foreign affairs.’
    • ‘The moral pressure on the rest of the Group of Eight to agree a deal for aid to Africa was therefore immense.’
    • ‘One journalistic approach has been to cast the practice in unfavorable journalistic light to levy moral pressure.’
    • ‘Thus, the international community of nations exerts certain moral pressures on states to compensate for the takings from other nations.’
    • ‘The few agencies that have resisted the moral pressure to adopt the new humanitarianism are struggling to defend traditional principles.’
    • ‘Society is very active in mobilizing moral pressure.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the moral pressure continues to grow.’
    • ‘Only inexorable moral pressure could move the nation.’
    • ‘Regardless, it means that outdated outlooks especially regarding the sexual behaviour of women exert an exaggerated moral pressure on our screens.’
    • ‘A mass political strike is not a mechanical impediment to war, but a means of moral pressure.’
    • ‘Scrupulous compliance with laws and social conventions is widespread because of moral pressure from fellow citizens.’
    • ‘Manchester councillors are using a combination of muscle and moral pressure to stop sales until three weeks before November 5.’
    • ‘Through detective work, negotiation and moral pressure the investigators have been winning settlements from governments, galleries and collectors from Austria to Argentina.’
    • ‘Besides the obvious health benefits, the strike was expected to put strong moral pressure on the government-of-the-day to give in to their demand for power distribution to the needy.’
    • ‘Economic pressure is certainly one piece of the strategy, but moral pressure is also needed.’
    • ‘The likelihood is that Harney has no big stick with which to beat insurers, and can only exert moral pressure.’
    • ‘The societal needs were so compelling that many academics felt a moral pressure to oblige and are now responding to the challenges.’
    • ‘A chess match is nothing like battle, though, just as gory video games can't capture the uncertainty and moral pressure of actual warfare.’
    • ‘But what is noticeable is that these organisations did not feel under any moral pressure to stand up for the importance of animal experiments.’