Meaning of moral theology in English:

moral theology


mass noun
  • The branch of theology that deals with ethics.

    ‘bioethics is a field of growing interest in moral theology’
    • ‘He was professor of moral theology at Monte Cassino for several years.’
    • ‘This is a significant book for professors and graduate students interested in Catholic moral theology.’
    • ‘There is enough ambiguity here to sustain weeks of discussion in a course on moral theology.’
    • ‘The result reads partly as a sociological study and partly as an essay in historical and moral theology.’
    • ‘This is a fundamental point of moral theology.’
    • ‘Her book, a masterful retrieval of the natural law perspective of medieval theologians and canonists, contributes significantly to current debates in fundamental moral theology.’
    • ‘As a historian of Catholic moral theology he has few modern equals.’
    • ‘His special contribution has been to make moral theology part of a wide-ranging conversation.’
    • ‘For over four hundred years, traditional moral theology distinguished between ordinary and extraordinary means of saving life.’
    • ‘One of the oldest debates in moral theology is over the question of when exactly the soul enters the body.’