Meaning of morale-boosting in English:


Pronunciation /məˈrɑːlbuːstɪŋ/


  • Having the effect of raising morale.

    ‘a genuinely morale-boosting event’
    • ‘The morale-boosting victory lifted the gloom hanging over the club amid the uncertainty surrounding its future.’
    • ‘A few morale-boosting wins are a realistic possibility over the next eight games, starting at rock-bottom Chorley on Sunday.’
    • ‘The morale-boosting visit to North Yorkshire by Prince Charles could hardly have been better timed.’
    • ‘Dispatched initially to rally Free French support in Cameroon and Gabon, he found fame for a number of morale-boosting military exploits in North Africa.’
    • ‘Pub-goers raised more than £3,000 to help fund a morale-boosting holiday for children affected by the disaster.’
    • ‘Other initiatives to help attract and retain staff include morale-boosting benefits such as telecommuting and easier access to unpaid time off.’
    • ‘He said they'd do everything they can, which was so morale-boosting.’
    • ‘It's a genuinely morale-boosting event and it will help people through the next few days.’
    • ‘His directorial debut was a morale-boosting documentary about Londoners in the war.’
    • ‘The event celebrated the work of two bodies which organise morale-boosting entertainment for troops on both sides of the Atlantic.’


mass noun
  • The action of raising morale.

    ‘this is just what the players needed for morale-boosting’
    • ‘During this war the revival of traditional values was a vital part of the morale boosting needed to tackle such an obviously evil enemy.’
    • ‘Having lost his job at Watford, Dyke's task at Burnley was one of morale boosting.’
    • ‘And then for morale boosting within the company, I also put some simple marketing metrics on there.’
    • ‘I get lots of morale boosting, advice and critiques from my personal writer friends.’
    • ‘Tendulkar popped by to see his defeated Mumbai team-mates for some morale-boosting.’
    • ‘The team was coming from two defeats out of three previous games and needed morale boosting in front of the second leg tonight.’
    • ‘Morale boosting is what the squad need and if we couple this with astute signings this summer, we will be able to take advantage of the strong platform and build upon it.’
    • ‘He is usually in charge of morale boosting, but his long pause to the first question spoke volumes.’
    • ‘We even conducted sessions on motivation and morale boosting.’
    • ‘There are many very low-cost solutions for morale boosting and for re-emphasising what the organisation wants to focus on.’