Meaning of morale booster in English:

morale booster


  • An event, occurrence, or saying which raises morale.

    ‘the first Test win was a real morale booster’
    • ‘He finally placed second in Spain, a tremendous morale booster.’
    • ‘Just knowing the support is there, is a real morale booster.’
    • ‘Make sure there are a few people in your newsroom you can go to for a morale booster.’
    • ‘The mayor visiting the soldiers has been a real morale booster.’
    • ‘They would send us boxes of goodies which was a huge morale booster.’
    • ‘My success at the inter college quiz I conducted during my first year in college was a tremendous morale booster.’
    • ‘Seeing a lot of crossed-out tasks for today also is a great morale booster.’
    • ‘The whole project has been a real morale booster for the employees.’
    • ‘His arrival this morning from Lahore was a great morale booster for the team.’
    • ‘A big morale booster for anyone on operations is the welfare parcel from home.’
    • ‘This victory has been a big morale booster for me.’
    • ‘On the homefront, cosmetics were marketed as morale boosters.’
    • ‘Little compliments would be effective as a morale booster.’
    • ‘The simplest things, such as having cool drinks ready or massaging her back, can be real morale boosters.’
    • ‘The presence of large number of volunteers also served as a morale booster to the policemen who were manning the junction.’
    • ‘Being around these kids was a morale booster.’
    • ‘Little did he know when he wrote the article just what a morale booster it was going to be for people like me.’
    • ‘These parties are also great morale boosters.’
    • ‘Some staff might have to contribute to their Christmas lunch or night out these days but it's still a morale booster.’
    • ‘"It's a huge morale booster for staff, significantly lifting the company internally," he said.’