Meaning of morality tale in English:

morality tale


  • A story or narrative from which one can derive a moral about right and wrong.

    ‘his story can be seen as a modern morality tale’
    • ‘On The Waterfront is a great morality tale about corruption and redemption’
    • ‘It is a simple morality tale of bad guys beating up on good guys.’
    • ‘It felt like the final word on a fraught subject that is too often reduced to a simplistic modern morality tale.’
    • ‘Nice Girl is a morality tale which is intended to help teenagers avoid learning hard lessons the hard way.’
    • ‘The book is not the tendentious morality tale one fears.’
    • ‘That movie degenerated into a plain, old-fashioned Hollywood morality tale.’
    • ‘But the biggest news story of the week is rapidly developing into a bleak morality tale, the moral being that all is never what it seems when it comes to money.’
    • ‘No disrespect intended, but none of them compares with Faber's morality tale.’
    • ‘The Rules of Attraction is ultimately a morality tale in which the absence of moral fibre is paid for in blood and misery.’
    • ‘Even the somber morality tales of the eighteenth century are made more palatable through verse.’
    • ‘They are, in essence, morality tales - the moral being, be grateful for what you have, for what you get in exchange might not be any better.’