Meaning of morally in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɒrəli/

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  • 1With reference to the principles of right and wrong behaviour.

    ‘he believed the war was morally justified’
    • ‘murder is morally wrong’
    • ‘In each case, some people were forced to financially support a cause they found morally repugnant.’
    • ‘Nurses have the duty to question and, if necessary, to report and to refuse to participate in research they deem morally objectionable.’
    • ‘It is a morally corrupt institution run by a criminal bureaucracy.’
    • ‘No longer stuck playing the perennial gentleman, he is now able to conjure up something far more morally ambiguous.’
    • ‘For them, serendipity seems a bit too much like gambling, and indeed, such chance gains are even morally suspect.’
    • ‘A lot of Bresson's work has been read to have spiritual transcendence, yet also can be read existentially, politically and morally.’
    • ‘What is the role of America in the world, morally, economically, militarily?’
    • ‘With a performance that never misses a beat, Eric Bana gives us a man who loses his way, morally and spiritually.’
    • ‘It's an almost comically absurd exploration of where humans are morally and spiritually positioned at this moment.’
    • ‘But, like the best journalists, Stephen keeps a distance from the action, physically and morally.’
    1. 1.1In a way that is considered right according to the code of behaviour of a particular society.
      ‘he insisted that his children act morally’
      • ‘people expected the government to behave morally’
      • ‘In the long run, freedom works both morally and economically.’
      • ‘To be conducted morally, the military actions that develop in a war must also be fought with a right intention.’
      • ‘We have to conduct politics morally: "morally" does not mean following a set of precepts we read from a book.’
      • ‘It makes sense economically, but maybe not morally.’
      • ‘I was brought up thinking work is something you are morally obliged to do.’
      • ‘Barnett effectively demonstrates the impotence of the UN to react morally and ethically to genocide.’
      • ‘Perhaps he was urging people to do more than is morally required of them.’
      • ‘He was morally incapable of doing such a thing.’
      • ‘When you live in the shadows, it is no surprise a citizen is going to react morally and to be totally ashamed of his government.’
      • ‘We have acted lawfully, respectfully and morally throughout this matter.’