Meaning of morbidly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɔːbɪdli/

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  • 1In a way that is unusual and is regarded as disturbing or unhealthy.

    ‘a rich recluse morbidly obsessed with the past’
    • ‘a girl who morbidly wears her dead mother's clothes’
    • ‘That blinding, boyish grin, his trademark of the last two decades, now is reserved for moments of morbidly twisted humour.’
    • ‘Is it that we are morbidly fascinated with the dead?’
    • ‘I'm morbidly compelled by stuff filmed on a mobile phone such as the tsunami.’
    • ‘What is it that attracts some people to the dead body and makes them morbidly regard it as an object of reverence?’
    • ‘On the scaffold he gave a courteous bow to those who had come to morbidly observe the spectacle of his death.’
    • ‘I spend Sunday morning at the clubhouse as well, watching more riders flinging themselves downhill, dwelling morbidly upon my looming ordeal.’
    • ‘The artifacts on display are interesting, but it's the wall-sized photo of the four dead gang members that most visitors find morbidly fascinating.’
    • ‘It pays to keep a positive attitude on these things, not to dwell morbidly upon them, and to keep calm.’
    • ‘The poetic association is either Poe's Telltale Heart narrator or Tennyson's Maude, in which a man morbidly considers the effects of his own burial.’
    • ‘A brother, also called Salvador, had died a few months before Dali's birth, and in childhood he came to identify morbidly with his namesake.’
  • 2Medicine
    In a way that relates to or is indicative of disease.

    ‘the patients remained morbidly hypertensive’
    • ‘Approximately 9 million Americans are morbidly obese - overweight by at least 100 pounds.’
    • ‘He is a novelist who says he seriously considered becoming a doctor before attending college among "unscrupulous, morbidly neurotic pre-med students."’
    • ‘Those who were morbidly fat, with a BMI above 40, lost about 10 years off their expected lifespan, similar to the effect of lifelong smoking.’
    • ‘Looking unconvincingly dissolute, he is trying to recover from being "morbidly alcoholic," and his doctor encourages him to write the novel we see unfolding in flashback.’
    • ‘Women with morbidly adherent placenta were likely to experience more complications and transfusions.’
    • ‘He was morbidly thin and locked along with his sibling in a dungeon-like room.’