Meaning of mordacious in English:


Pronunciation /mɔːˈdeɪʃəs/


  • 1Denoting or using biting sarcasm or invective.

    ‘You've barely spoken a word all night, and haven't uttered so much as one mordacious comment.’
    • ‘His mordacious warnings about the bleak future of NATO.’
    • ‘The more he intermingles mordacious taunts with earnest reflections on the feelings of a man suffocated by a less than satisfying matrimony, the harder it is to take him seriously.’
    • ‘Annette Savage warned me about writing anything funny or mordacious about the Spurs.’
    mocking, satirical
  • 2(of a person or animal) given to biting.

    • ‘A small-scale musical in which that mordacious man-about-necks (Dracula) figures prominently.’
    incisive, highly effective, penetrating, cutting, mordant, trenchant


Mid 17th century from Latin mordax, mordac- ‘biting’ + -ious.