Meaning of more fool — in English:

more fool —


  • Used to convey that a specified person is behaving unwisely.

    ‘if suckers will actually pay to do the work, more fool them’
    • ‘Heh, more fool us - we had no idea as to the welcome awaiting us.’
    • ‘If that's what they wanna pay him, then more fool them!’
    • ‘I think that's beyond the pale - although, I suppose, it's more fool them for using it.’
    • ‘I've been out braving the sale-hungered mobs in Oxford Circus today - yes, more fool me, I know.’
    • ‘That's the nature of government: 90 percent of its agencies just aren't very good and, if you put your life in their hands, more fool you.’
    • ‘If you believe the rumour, more fool you for believing it.’
    • ‘People can write me off, criticise me - more fool them!’
    • ‘If they choose to go with just one quote, and it's a big one, well more fool them!’
    • ‘If people are silly enough not to shop around on the net for a good price then more fool them!’
    • ‘‘If you believe her,’ I snapped before he even had the chance to think about uttering a word. ‘Then more fool you.’’