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more like

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  • 1 informal Nearer to (a specified number or description) than one previously given.

    • ‘he believes the figure should be more like £10 million’
    • ‘A couple of fights will build my confidence up and the training will be more like five times a week.’
    • ‘This would not be a case of losing valuable seconds to get to the fire but more like quite a few minutes.’
    • ‘If you look at total jobs lost, it's more like 1.1 or 1.2 million.’
    • ‘The Toronto Star, the Globe, the Post, and even the CBC were saying 15,000 protestors, when the day-to-day estimates were more like 60,000 to 80,000.’
    1. 1.1more like itNearer to what is required or expected; more satisfactory.
      ‘the sound of Mozart's Horn Concerto filled the car and he relaxed—that was more like it’
      • ‘French apple tart with cinnamon, that's more like it.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, next door - this is more like it - The Proclaimers are about to get down to some heavy-duty havering.’
      • ‘‘That was more like it,’ he said, after making birdies at each of his last two holes.’
      • ‘This is more like it, you think, but it doesn't last for long.’
      • ‘A potter through the lanes and a pub lunch is more like it.’
      • ‘The Chardonnay was a light and elegant, vaguely lemony wine, which was far more like it.’
      • ‘This was more like it - a workmanlike performance imbued with no shortage of skill and plenty of heart.’