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more or less

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  • 1Speaking imprecisely; to a certain extent.

    ‘they are more or less a waste of time’
    • ‘When every nation is a democratic nation, we'll have world peace, more or less.’
    • ‘I've spent most of the morning in the park nursing a migraine, but I'm ok now, more or less.’
    • ‘Millar confirms that everything in his career has gone more or less to plan so far.’
    • ‘We know more or less how the facts were gathered and how the book was compiled.’
    • ‘I recognised that I had reached this point some time ago but I kept it more or less to myself.’
    • ‘I did sleep more or less properly last night for the first time, but I am still shattered.’
    • ‘Tonight, the pain in my ribs is receding, and I can draw a deep breath more or less without pain.’
    • ‘I've been more or less absent from these pages for a couple of months now, as some have noticed.’
    • ‘It took about 10 hours, the last two of which I was driving more or less in my sleep.’
    • ‘He is more or less of good character, is extremely ashamed and nervous about what is going to happen to him.’
    • ‘If mothers are to work they will have to abandon their children, more or less.’
    • ‘Tourists have appreciated the beauties of this part of the world more or less since tourism began.’
    approximately, roughly, nearly, almost, close to, about, of the order of, in the region of, give or take a few
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    1. 1.1Approximately.
      ‘more or less symmetrical’
      • ‘Spring barley area is marginally down and oats are more or less at the same level as a year earlier.’
      • ‘Although the rail industry remains in crisis, trains are now running more or less to timetable.’
      • ‘This is the same group of players more or less who did well two years ago and were doing the same things.’
      • ‘By looking through the job adverts, we can work out more or less what every employee in the country is paid.’
      • ‘It took more or less 3 hours driving time to take Gordon up to this place near Birmingham.’
      • ‘The two banks will both see their costs rise more or less in line with earnings this year.’
      • ‘We're going to be updating the site daily, more or less, and we hope to have the story done in about a month.’
      • ‘Whichever statistics you look at, the county's schools sit more or less in the middle.’
      • ‘Then we went to the hotel - a little guest house more or less in the centre of Felixstowe.’
      • ‘On the first day, we covered more or less two hundred kilometres, firstly through the suburbs of Sydney, then into parkland.’