Meaning of morel in English:


Pronunciation /məˈrɛl/

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  • A widely distributed edible fungus which has a brown oval or pointed fruiting body with an irregular honeycombed surface bearing the spores.

    Genus Morchella, family Morchellaceae, subdivision Ascomycotina: several species, in particular the common M. esculenta

    ‘Like oyster mushrooms, morels taste better in a small amount of butter than in olive oil, but again, don't overdo it.’
    • ‘Other fungi provide numerous drugs (such as penicillin and other antibiotics), foods like mushrooms, truffles and morels, and the bubbles in bread, champagne, and beer.’
    • ‘Wheeler's white truffles have an aroma of fresh-roasted hazelnuts, butter, and dried morels, and some chefs believe all Oregon white truffles have an aroma superior to that of their European counterparts.’
    • ‘Most morels are ochre or brown in colour with a paler stem; but the black morel is taller and darker.’
    • ‘On my first visit, I enjoyed a roasted breast of chicken served with mashed potatoes shot through with truffle oil and fresh morels.’
    • ‘Among foods featured are morels, persimmons, cherries, game, wild blackberries, and asparagus.’
    • ‘Each spring the bountiful crop in the surrounding Blue Mountains helps to set the global price for fresh morels.’
    • ‘In between mouthfuls of morels she told me how that was the only mushroom she would eat, ever.’
    • ‘In spring, look for lots of crab, white and green asparagus, and morels.’
    • ‘And I came home last night, and there were morels in the lawn for the first time in a decade, so we picked them, and I made morels and scrambled eggs for Holly and me.’
    • ‘Using a slotted spoon, transfer the potatoes, pearl onions, carrots, morels, and baby leeks to a bowl and set aside, keeping warm.’
    • ‘Return the saucepan with the morels to the heat.’
    • ‘The dish came with a creamy mound of morels and was the favorite of my old-time waiter, who delivered it to the table with a little bow.’
    • ‘I remembered the exciting texture of those morels; the saltiness and the earthiness of the thyme.’
    • ‘Indeed, giving his bounty to others may have had something to do with his great success in finding those elusive morels.’


Late 17th century from French morille, from Dutch morilje; related to German Morchel ‘fungus’.