Meaning of Morgellons in English:


Pronunciation /mɔːˈɡɛlənz/


(also Morgellons disease)
mass noun
  • A condition characterized by chronic itching or crawling sensations, attributed by sufferers to abnormal fibres (generally regarded by doctors as delusional) embedded in or extruded from the skin.

    ‘people claiming to have Morgellons report a wide variety of symptoms’
    • ‘The CDC will form a task force to investigate Morgellons.’
    • ‘I find 15-20 common abnormal findings and Morgellons is not reducible to one thing.’
    • ‘In this setting of our core beliefs, the fact is many scientists and physicians are not worth reasoning with about Morgellons.’
    • ‘Doctors, according to the article, claim that Morgellons is actually a form of DP - delusional parasitosis.’
    • ‘Leitao would benefit from a psychiatric evaluation and support, whether Andrew has Morgellons disease or not.’
    • ‘The Bethel Park physician knows the medical skepticism about Morgellons, but he also knows history.’
    • ‘The CDC terms Morgellons a syndrome, fictitious until proven real.’
    • ‘Some living with Morgellons become so discontented, they channel frustration toward the one person they can associate with the disease.’
    • ‘He observes 70 patients complaining of Morgellons and finds that all carry a bacteria called Borrelia, which, possibly, tampers with the entire immune system.’


Early 21st century revival of a 17th-century name for a disease of children marked by hairs or worms in the skin of the back, probably adapted from an Occitan word.