Meaning of morning, noon, and night in English:

morning, noon, and night

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  • All of the time.

    ‘we used to fight morning, noon, and night’
    • ‘For centuries you had enormous whale fleets armed with the most sophisticated technology of their time, manned by experts working morning, noon, and night to kill more whales.’
    • ‘Then I have at least three big projects I have to get going on, as well as columns and articles to write, books to read to my kids, hikes to go on and mouths that get hungry morning, noon, and night.’
    • ‘I never would've dreamed I would eat lobster morning, noon, and night, for free.’
    • ‘You stop being a private person, you can no longer have any solitude and silence to get on with the real business of writing poetry, you're a figure of fun, pestered by journalists morning, noon, and night.’
    • ‘‘You know, you may be the first football guy ever in Seaview history to shun hanging with the team morning, noon, and night,’ Rachel mused aloud.’
    • ‘As soon as my first child came, I started singing - morning, noon, and night.’
    • ‘When he was in the army, he got tattoos and drank morning, noon, and night.’
    • ‘If only for reasons of convenience, many use them for personal calls, morning, noon, and night.’
    • ‘The Regulations Review Committee deals with regulations morning, noon, and night.’
    all the time, without a break, constantly, continually, always, forever, incessantly, ceaselessly, perpetually, unceasingly
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