Meaning of morning-after pill in English:

morning-after pill

Pronunciation /ˌmɔːnɪŋˈɑːftə pɪl/

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  • A contraceptive pill that is effective up to about seventy-two hours after intercourse.

    ‘Pharmacists also face a dilemma because the morning-after pill is only effective if it is taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.’
    • ‘If taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse, the morning-after pill has been shown to reduce the risk of pregnancy by close to 90 percent.’
    • ‘Over the last few years some pharmacists have refused to dispense morning-after pills.’
    • ‘Sexual health clinics offering contraception and morning-after pills to pupils could be set up in rural schools as part of radical proposals to be unveiled by ministers this week.’
    • ‘To lower the teen pregnancy rate, we can start by providing free contraceptives and morning-after pills and access to unbiased sex education.’
    • ‘Children who are under the age of legal consent can already get contraceptives and the morning-after pill from a doctors' surgery or family planning centre without their parents finding out.’
    • ‘The morning-after pill has to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to be effective in preventing pregnancy.’
    • ‘‘My purpose is not to talk about the moral views of the morning-after pill, but the effect it has had on teenage pregnancy,’ he said.’
    • ‘Groups opposed to the measure fear that women will be more careless about contraceptive use if they have easy access to the morning-after pill.’
    • ‘Pharmacies are to hand out free morning-after pills to under 16s in a bid to help stop an increase in teenage pregnancies.’
    • ‘The statistics quite clearly show that high level use of the morning-after pill in Scotland has so far had no effect on overall teenage pregnancy levels or on total unwanted pregnancies.’
    • ‘At present the morning-after pill is available free from GPs and family planning clinics.’