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morning glory


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  • A climbing plant of the convolvulus family, sometimes cultivated for its trumpet-shaped flowers.

    Genus Ipomoea, family Convolvulaceae: several species, in particular the purple-flowered I. purpureus of tropical America

    ‘Small flowered clematis, morning glory, the less vigorous climbing roses, nasturtiums and many others grow well in containers.’
    • ‘When the weather warms up, sow seeds of cosmos, marigold, morning glory, portulaca, nasturtium, sunflower, and zinnia for splashes of color.’
    • ‘Climbers don't really climb, as clematis or morning glory do, with tendrils that attach themselves to a fence or trellis.’
    • ‘The dune vegetation included sea oats, sea grape, and beach morning glory (Ipomoea pes-caprae).’
    • ‘The diversity within the group of plants known as annuals is staggering, with everything from 10-foot-tall sunflowers to the ground-hugging sweet alyssum to the rampant, vining morning glory.’
    • ‘At the foot of the tower was a morning glory climbing up the walls.’
    • ‘An old favorite is the morning glory because they're so easy to grow and they produce those beautiful, full flowers.’
    • ‘The morning glory, opening its blooms daily for only a few hours, was celebrated for its shy beauty.’
    • ‘Plant quick-growing vines, such as morning glory or hyacinth bean, around the outside of the lattice.’
    • ‘Marigolds, rhododendron, and morning glory sat in artful bunches along the concrete sidewalk.’
    • ‘Violets, woodrushes, Silene, Lychnis, periwinkles and Alchemilla mollis are all plants that will thrive in the dry, shady conditions provided by the hedge, and for a splash of colour I could use climbing nasturtiums or morning glory.’
    • ‘It had a terribly high ceiling, and vines of morning glory were growing around the pillars.’
    • ‘The retaining wall is wrapped in welded wire mesh and covered with morning glory.’
    • ‘Plant climbing flowers like morning glories or clematis at the foot of the arch.’
    • ‘Make a tee pee out of bamboo stakes and plant morning glories or scarlet runner beans.’
    • ‘But consider too the times of day that certain flowers will bloom; you can plant morning glories, four-o'clocks and night-blooming jasmine together for a garden that will bloom from dawn past dusk.’
    • ‘A trellis covered with flowering annual vines, such as morning glories and nasturtiums, provides birds both food and shelter.’
    • ‘For the trellis - or for the sides of the gate - any climbing flower will work, such as morning glories, honeysuckle, or sweet peas.’
    • ‘I plant lots of morning glories and wild, tangling vines like the silver lace.’