Meaning of morning prayer in English:

morning prayer


usually morning prayers
  • 1A formal act of worship held in the morning.

    ‘decorations awarded to past pupils were announced at morning prayers’
    • ‘Every morning the Ansar recruits would rise for morning prayers and then do physical training until the sun came over the horizon.’
    • ‘Assume that Jews traditionally have a celebratory feast on Saturday after morning prayers and call it the ‘Sabbath feast.’’
    • ‘That's why the morning prayers begin with a series of blessings thanking God for the simple and obvious.’
    • ‘I often found myself mouthing my morning prayers without any real feeling, worried I'd be late for work, and then uttering blessings over food while thinking about what I'd do that afternoon.’
    • ‘One only needs to drive around town on a Friday to find traffic jams on the streets housing the fashionable, mostly air-conditioned mosques, yet the same mosques witness fewer if any visitors during morning prayers.’
    • ‘Muslims across the Middle East knelt down for morning prayers yesterday and then gathered for lunchtime feasts to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, a three-day holiday that ends the holy month of Ramadan.’
    • ‘Dozens of observant Jewish men, wearing white prayer shawls, held morning prayers at the gate, appealing for divine intervention to block the withdrawal.’
    • ‘Her evening prayers she would do at home, but during the day and in the morning, she would do her prayers; the morning prayers at home, the daily prayers in the salon, and those were mandatory, she had to keep up her daily prayers.’
    1. 1.1(in the Anglican Church) the service of matins.
      ‘Went along to morning prayer at the church which I have really been enjoying - finding fun in the fact that God can really powerfully move in such a formal setting!’
      • ‘I returned quickly to my quarters for morning prayer.’
      • ‘I woke up in time for morning prayer, had breakfast, arrived early for my 9 am lecture and stayed fully awake throughout it.’
      • ‘We hold morning prayer together and there is a voluntary weekly mass in the school chapel.’
      • ‘At the appointed hour it would be his job to ring a bell waking the others in time for the morning prayer.’
      • ‘The morning prayer lasted an hour and a half, and after that we worked at our preferred stations for the rest of the day till five in the evening.’
      • ‘They're solidly Christian - it's a song about trying to wake up Brother John, a monk who's sleeping while bells for morning prayer are ringing.’
      service, church service, religious rite, religious act, prayer, prayer meeting, praise, devotion, religious observance