Meaning of morning tea in English:

morning tea


mass noun
  • 1Tea taken before rising or at mid morning.

    ‘he was sipping his morning tea by a fire in the drawing room’
    • ‘A monk sips morning tea, it's quiet, the chrysanthemum's flowering.’
    • ‘My morning tea is usually a loose-leaf orange pekoe.’
    • ‘For a quick morning tea, I like powdered green tea for its fuller antioxidant benefits and ease of use.’
    • ‘I picked up a large Thermos of boiled water, which was waiting for the morning tea.’
    • ‘Research for her show includes, for the most part, reading she can do with her morning tea.’
    • ‘He parked himself on a back seat, munching a crumpet with his morning tea.’
    • ‘Let's see what your microwave oven can do besides heat water for your morning tea.’
    • ‘They would not function without their morning tea and an aromatic shower.’
    • ‘She arrived for her morning tea and chocolate biscuits.’
    • ‘Can you drink your morning tea or coffee with satisfaction when the plantation worker earns 40 cents a day?’
    1. 1.1Australian, New Zealand A light snack or drink taken at mid morning, especially during a work break.
      ‘eat a piece of fruit for morning tea each day’
      • ‘The morning tea is a beautiful continental breakfast delivered to you in your own home or office.’
      • ‘Every ticket holder will receive a free morning tea before the film.’
      • ‘The squadron deployed its own field kitchen to provide fresh rations, including a daily morning tea on the job sites.’
      • ‘Expect a friendly reception typical of the famed West Coast hospitality, and of course we serve morning tea.’
      • ‘Matt cracked his neck on their way to the dining room for morning tea.’
      • ‘The high point of the day is morning tea.’
      • ‘They'll provide day visitors with morning tea or lunch for a modest fee.’
      • ‘Today at morning tea, he recounted how they had caught him once, on an Easter Sunday afternoon with no traffic about.’
      • ‘You might think that women gave up providing morning tea for tradesmen years ago.’
      • ‘They ended the morning with a chance to chat with pilots, ground crew, and their families during morning tea.’
    2. 1.2Australian, New Zealand count noun A morning social gathering at which light refreshments are served.
      ‘a free seniors concert and morning tea’
      • ‘Add star quality to your morning tea with over 40 delicious and healthy recipes from celebrity chefs.’
      • ‘What's involved in hosting a morning tea?’
      • ‘Personalize your own fundraising page on our website with the details of your morning tea.’
      • ‘The college put on a delicious morning tea our last day there, and we got to meet the staff and parents of this wonderful school.’
      • ‘Is it polite to lick your spoon at a morning tea?’
      • ‘He announced the funding at a community morning tea held at the hall last week.’
      • ‘A farewell morning tea had been planned for April 20.’
      • ‘A morning tea followed the parade, at which a cheque from the base was handed to Legacy.’
      • ‘The monthly morning tea is another success story in the social calendar for the ship's company.’
      • ‘The local primary school and the Women's Association put on a morning tea.’