Meaning of moss campion in English:

moss campion


  • An almost stemless campion with pink flowers, found on mountains and in arctic areas of both Eurasia and North America.

    Silene acaulis, family Caryophyllaceae

    ‘This is Arctic Canada at its best: a northern landscape blooming with purple mountain saxifrage, moss campion, and mountain avens.’
    • ‘Nestled in the alpine tundra are countless dwarf plants with names like phlox, moss campion, and forget-me-not.’
    • ‘Alpine forget-me-nots, snow gentian, moss campion and an abundance of saxifrages grow here on the steep slopes.’
    • ‘Arctic-alpines also dominate here, usually moss campion and alpine lady's mantle, sometimes with cyphel.’
    • ‘Look for plants such as sea pink, moss campion, scurvy grass, sea mayweed and lichens on the rocky foreshore.’
    • ‘Great skuas circle its sandy banks as you enter a verdant valley, bright with lupins and moss campions.’
    • ‘He taught us about his research on moss campions and botany in general as we spent a few days hiking around National Creek Pass.’
    • ‘Summer's pink moss campions had withered to golden tassels.’
    • ‘Although they cover less than 2% of the land, by the end of July, the landscape is carpeted with yellow arctic poppies, white mountain avens, and red moss campions above a mat of lichens and moss.’
    • ‘Alpine areas are dotted with moss campions, wild forget-me-nots and mountain avens.’
    • ‘Plants such as Mountain Avens, moss campion and purple saxifrage that usually occur on high hills are found here almost down to sea level because of the suitable bedrock and severity of the weather.’
    • ‘The high humidity from rain and salt spray has produced a peaty soil which supports 130 different species of flowering plants (including thrift, moss campion, primrose, roseroot, yellow flag, purple saxifrage and butterwort) and almost 200 lichens.’
    • ‘Good examples of this growth form include diapensia (Diapensia lapponica, shown above), moss campion, and alpine azalea.’