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nounplural noun mot/məʊ/ /mo/ /məʊz/

short for bon mot
‘One of his mots appears on several quotation sites: ‘Some of the waiters discuss the menu with you as if they were sharing wisdom picked up in the Himalayas.’’
  • ‘But those mots are just the icing on what is essentially a very rich, very filling, very addictive, gooey chocolate cake of a thriller.’
  • ‘The prose is of a rare stateliness and intelligence, studded with clever, sometimes almost epigrammatic mots.’
  • ‘Indeed, the oft-repeated mot that ‘Israel has more curators than artists’ points to a serious quandary.’
  • ‘And, notwithstanding Santayana's too-often repeated mot about forgetfulness and history repeating, it is sometimes possible to see in such repetition not error or futility but constancy.’



/məʊ/ /mo/

Main meanings of mot in English

: mot1mot2MOT3


Pronunciation /mɒt/

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informal Irish
  • A girl or young woman, especially a man's girlfriend.

    • ‘Chrissie, Frank's mot, started flinging things down at them from the bedroom window’
    • ‘So… anyway, Patrick… are you bringing the mot to the pub tonight?’
    • ‘All the fellows and their mots would go down behind the Guinness plant for a kiss and a cuddle, and we would hide further down the back.’
    • ‘We were six in all, including my elder brother; the thin brother; his new mot; my aunt and cousin.’
    girlfriend, girl, partner, significant other


Mid 16th century of unknown origin.

Main meanings of MOT in English

: mot1mot2MOT3


Pronunciation /ɛməʊˈtiː/

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nounplural noun MOTs

  • 1

    (also MOT test)
    (in the UK) a compulsory annual test for safety and exhaust emissions of motor vehicles of more than a specified age.

    ‘Interestingly, the press spec sheet makes no mention of springs, and if you tried the standard MOT test of pushing down on the corners you might wonder if any were actually fitted because the car just doesn't budge.’
    • ‘Today was the annual MOT test for the little blue Ford.’
    • ‘On top of the normal MOT test, private hire cars must have a further test to gain a council licence.’
    • ‘The poor condition of the car's front universal joint and a leak in the rear differential were spotted when it was taken to a garage for its MOT test.’
    • ‘My final duty was to get it to a garage for an MOT test, there being no such thing in Italy.’
    • ‘A year later when he took the same car to a Cambridgeshire garage for an annual service and MOT test, the tyres were still deemed fit.’
    • ‘An MOT test does not cover all aspects of a car's roadworthiness and it only relates to the condition the car was in at the time of the test.’
    • ‘So a warning to all you motorists out there, you may find your MOT test is now going to cost you £84!’
    • ‘The MOT test is a money-making fiddle for many garages.’
    • ‘They may have to travel to the mainland for everything from hospital appointments to an MOT test, but for their district court appearances at least, justice is delivered on their doorstep.’
    • ‘He later discovered the car had recently failed an MOT test.’
    • ‘An investigation into the second-hand car market in Scotland has found that almost 40% of vehicles for sale on garage forecourts would fail an MOT test.’
    • ‘The corresponding failure rate in the MOT test in Britain was less than 30% in 2004.’
    • ‘The inquest heard the ‘J’ registered vehicle was unroadworthy and should not have passed its MOT test.’
    • ‘Some instinct tells me that his old banger would not have passed an MOT test.’
    • ‘But first they are all having to undergo tough MOT tests to check they are roadworthy.’
    • ‘If the customer keeps the replacement car for more than three years further vouchers for free MOT tests are given to the customer year by year.’
    1. 1.1A document certifying that a vehicle has passed the MOT test.
      ‘From next month police will be able to crosscheck automatically a number plate with a list of vehicles without a valid MOT certificate.’
      • ‘In addition, remember to have handy in the glove box your driving licence, GB sticker, and the vehicle's registration document and MOT certificate.’
      • ‘Don't forget to obtain the MOT certificate and service documents as these can help you verify if the mileage is accurate.’
      • ‘When I rang to book it in I was told to bring the log book, which we now call the V5 registration document, as well as the old MOT certificate.’
      • ‘When you see the car insist on seeing its registration documents and, if the car is more than 3 years old, its MOT certificate.’
      • ‘The car needs two tyres before the garage will give us our new MOT certificate, so it's not as bad as I thought it would be.’
      • ‘A motorist has been fined £350 after being caught performing an illegal handbrake turn in Trowbridge then forging the MOT certificate he was asked to present to police.’
      • ‘Riders must also wear a helmet, and the scooter will need road tax, insurance, number plates, brake lights, indicators and an MOT certificate.’
      • ‘It was insured and had a valid MOT certificate and although it didn't have road tax, it wasn't being used.’
      • ‘And though he had secured an MOT certificate for it, some of the bodywork was so corroded that the car was a danger to anyone using it and to other road users, a spokesperson for York trading standards said.’
      • ‘One in three road tax dodgers breaches other motoring laws, such as driving without insurance or an MOT certificate.’
      • ‘Following a High Court judgement, the machines need to comply with road use regulations, be taxed, insured and have a valid MOT certificate before they are taken onto roads, it is pointed out.’
      • ‘The van had an MOT certificate issued on 1 August 1997 when the mileage was about 92,000.’
      • ‘He also admitted driving without insurance, and without a licence or MOT certificate, for which six penalty points were put on his licence.’
      • ‘On November 5, 2003 the 38-year-old was found to be driving a Ford Mondeo with no MOT certificate or insurance in Teddington High Street and was unable to produce a driving licence.’
      • ‘Do not rely on a new or recent MOT certificate to assure you that a car is safe.’
      • ‘He bought ‘write-offs’ in scrapyards and patched them up with the help of a friend in a garage who passed them off as roadworthy by giving them MOT certificates.’
      • ‘Police stopped motorists within minutes of the number plates being scanned and demanded to see valid discs, MOT certificates and proof of insurance.’
      • ‘Twenty years ago if anyone wanted to check up on you they just looked at the mileage on two consecutive MOT certificates and checked your monthly claims corresponded.’
      • ‘He said: ‘All the log books, MOT certificates and safety sheets for the vehicles were lost.’’


Abbreviation of Ministry of Transport, which introduced the original test.