Meaning of motorcycle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈməʊtəˌsʌɪkl/

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  • A two-wheeled vehicle that is powered by a motor and has no pedals.

    ‘However in my experience, most accidents involving motorcycles involve other vehicles.’
    • ‘He also said motorcycles and other motor vehicles would be banned from using the trail.’
    • ‘Mopeds, motor scooters and motorcycles all offer the freedom of a car while using less fuel.’
    • ‘There is a growing market for motorcycles and mopeds throughout the country.’
    • ‘Goods purchased in this way include sofas, motorcycles and quad bikes.’
    • ‘We looked up and saw lads at the side of the ground revving up their quad bikes and motorcycles.’
    • ‘Police lined the march routes and groups of police on motorcycles or bicycles frequently passed by.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, all horses, cars, motorcycles and bicycles have been requisitioned.’
    • ‘By far the majority of vehicles on the roads here are motorcycles, not cars as in the west.’
    • ‘Frankie reminded me how Dad gave all of us rides on his motorcycles, a new one every other year.’
    • ‘And his massive talent for riding motorcycles fast also earned him fame, fortune and happiness.’
    • ‘Thieves have already stolen two other motorcycles and even a car.’
    • ‘The couple shared a passion for motorcycles and were rarely apart, sharing a home in Helmsdale, Haydon Wick.’
    • ‘Riding different types of motorcycles, the bikers will first set off for Shimla from Delhi.’
    • ‘Affordable financing is contributing to the skyrocketing demand for motorcycles.’
    • ‘Men will buy magazines on fishing, motorcycles, DIY or any other technical subject you can imagine.’
    • ‘Collecting classic motorcycles has taken off in recent years, with the value of many rapidly increasing.’
    • ‘Glenn was a big fan of dancing, computers, motorcycles and roller skating.’
    • ‘He said that while motorcycles were far safer now than before, the majority of crashes were down to rider error.’
    • ‘These latest deaths bring the total killed in accidents involving motorcycles in the last month to eight.’
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