Meaning of moulding in English:


(US molding)

Pronunciation /ˈməʊldɪŋ/

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  • A shaped strip of wood or other material fitted as a decorative architectural feature, especially in a cornice.

    ‘a decorative plaster moulding placed at the centre of a ceiling’
    • ‘you can fit a strip of hardwood cove moulding into the corner’
    • ‘The lounges and dining rooms are immensely pretty, with parquet floors, pastel walls, white stucco decorative mouldings and painted rococo ceilings in the Tiepolo style.’
    • ‘The stucco cornicing and ceiling mouldings have been carefully restored.’
    • ‘In keeping with local period practice, appropriate decorative moldings, cornices, and other architectural trim have been installed.’
    • ‘It was he, for instance, who came up with the idea of recycling a downed white oak tree and using the wood for moldings and fireplace mantels in the living room and family room/kitchen.’
    • ‘The router is used to cut contours in wood for edgings and moldings or for more complex relief panels and inlay work, dovetails, and mortises.’
    • ‘There are several techniques for creating beautiful moldings and architectural embellishments for very little money.’
    • ‘She found herself in a bed in a richly decorated room with plaster moldings around the ceiling and windows that reached almost that high, though now heavy velvet curtains were drawn over them and small lamps burned.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the tops of the front legs are decorated with cove moldings - a bit of extra work that contrasts with the other timesaving features.’
    • ‘Measure wall height from floor to ceiling, excluding baseboards and moldings.’
    • ‘After all, they reasoned, the tall ceilings, deep moldings, and storybook wraparound front porch made the house a good candidate for remodeling.’
    • ‘In addition to the boards themselves, there are transition strips, edge and end moldings, stair nosing strips, and even matching quarter round and base moldings made from the same material.’
    • ‘It requires roughly 12 times the man hours just to profile the stock and execute the liberal relief carving and decorative moldings as compared to fabricating a standard Caywood stock.’
    • ‘Regularly they were embellished with crease moldings and decorative scribing and punching, and in some regions the skirt was elaborately shaped.’
    • ‘There will also be a range of activities such as mini-digs, designing and making stucco mouldings, and constructing a sundial.’
    • ‘The biggest problem is in finding hardwood moldings other than oak.’
    • ‘I slumped on the chair, staring at the plaster moldings on the ceiling.’
    • ‘We often draw on the same material to shape window and door openings, create moldings, or form extensions or shelves that grow from the walls.’
    • ‘The company offers domestic and imported mouldings, including wood, metal, polystyrene and box.’
    • ‘Atlantic Coast began operations in 1987 and imports 30 percent of its wood mouldings.’
    • ‘On the side panels, curving architectural moldings loom above business-suited men clutching Martinis and scraps of paper.’