Meaning of mourner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɔːnə/

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  • 1A person who attends a funeral as a relative or friend of the dead person.

    ‘Family servants acted as pallbearers; the mourners were family and friends of the family.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, more than 300 mourners attended Clare's funeral, at St George's Church, to remember the life of their friend and colleague.’
    • ‘More than 1250 mourners attended Wodehouse's funeral in Edmonton.’
    • ‘So at a wake, is the focus on the dead or on the mourners?’
    • ‘Inside the apartment, his mother wept as she sat on the floor, surrounded by female relatives and other mourners.’
    • ‘In a series of thoughts written by his family and friends, mourners heard about a man all remembered as fun-loving and sensitive.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, police have warned mourners attending the funeral that parking in the city centre may be limited.’
    • ‘At the wake of one of the dead, the mourners were adamant that there had been no fighting between insurgents and marines.’
    • ‘More than 130 mourners attended her funeral in Southampton.’
    • ‘Almost a thousand mourners attended the funeral, with the local Maori meeting house overflowing for the hour-long service.’
    • ‘In Thailand a person is likely to compose a small cookbook before her or his death, so that it can be distributed as a keepsake to the mourners attending the funeral.’
    • ‘Her only mourners would be her friends at the Country Home.’
    • ‘Mufulira Municipal Council workers blocked roads leading to cemeteries to prevent mourners from burying the dead.’
    • ‘No, I mean - what would he do if he had all these unwanted relatives and mourners hanging around the house?’
    • ‘The hundreds of mourners who attended Jennifer's funeral mass heard Patricia read the tribute before the service began.’
    • ‘A Royal British Legion standard bearer was among the many mourners who attended Mrs her funeral.’
    • ‘Hundreds of mourners attended the teenager's funeral last week.’
    • ‘Yesterday, his widow, Jane, led about 700 mourners at a funeral at St Mary's Parish Church, just a few hundred yards from the family's home.’
    • ‘The cathedral of St Thomas More in Arlington, Virginia, was packed with mourners for her funeral.’
    • ‘She says the 200 mourners who attended the service at the crematorium all had special memories of her father.’
    • ‘Afterwards, mourners were invited for refreshments by the nuns.’
    1. 1.1 historical A person hired to attend a funeral.
      ‘Zizek notes that the original model for this was the phenomenon of designated mourners hired to cry at funerals in certain cultures.’
      • ‘In Palestine, professional mourners were sometimes hired.’
  • 2Any of a number of drab-coloured South American tyrant flycatchers and related birds.

    Families Tyrannidae, Pipridae, and Cotingidae: four genera and several species; the classification is uncertain

    • ‘The Pale-bellied Mourner (Rhytipterna immunda) of northern South America is rare in museum collections, virtually unknown in life, and of uncertain generic and familial affinities.’