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  • Feeling, expressing, or inducing sadness, regret, or grief.

    ‘her large, mournful eyes’
    • ‘mournful music’
    • ‘Plunged headlong into joyful Christmas celebrations, Jack mooches around looking mournful and lugubrious.’
    • ‘He came over and sat by my chair, a look of mournful regret on his open honest little face.’
    • ‘Everett had a very deep bass voice that sounded perpetually gloomy and mournful when a person wasn't used to him.’
    • ‘Winter was over but there was room for a twinge of regret, it seemed to me, and a little mournful Polish fatalism.’
    • ‘A single figure stepped toward the pyre and a mournful cry of loss and sorrow tore up into the night.’
    • ‘Perhaps it was the heat, the lack of dinner in my belly, or some deep animal instinct, but I suddenly felt the urge to tip my head back and howl like a mournful dog.’
    • ‘Number Two Court may be colloquially known as the graveyard of champions but the mournful mood was only allowed to descend when football was mentioned.’
    • ‘I woke up when I heard the mournful cry of a harpooned whale.’
    • ‘The villagers all line the dock, tears welling in their respective eyes, waving a mournful farewell to the departing sailors.’
    • ‘‘We're not going to be all mournful,’ her husband Rob said before the funeral.’
    • ‘His reply was quite the most mournful plea for understanding I had ever heard in three decades of involvement in the crazy inexplicable world of racing.’
    • ‘I am sure Jimmy would not have wanted us to be mournful.’
    • ‘Gradually throughout the 1920s the Anzac Day service became less and less akin to a mournful funeral.’
    • ‘He wore sometimes a mournful look, at other times an almost blank expression as he followed his beloved grandmother.’
    • ‘Fleet, meanwhile, has the resigned and mournful air of a dog who knows the precise trick his master requires him to perform in return for dinner.’
    • ‘A voiceover started up, relaying a message of mournful defiance - I have completely forgotten what it said.’
    • ‘Ms. Kim plays a mournful noblewoman from Korea's Joseon Dynasty who later becomes a slave in China.’
    • ‘The answer is emphatic, the expression on the face is mournful.’
    • ‘Quite obviously, there is a deeply mournful element to the novel.’
    • ‘On a less mournful note he keeps pigs at his home in New England - just as the Prendergast family did when they lived in Fulford.’
    sad, sorrowful, sorrowing, doleful, melancholy, melancholic, woeful, grief-stricken, miserable, unhappy, heartbroken, broken-hearted, heavy-hearted, gloomy, dismal, tragic, desolate, dejected, despondent, depressed, downcast, disconsolate, woebegone, forlorn, rueful, lugubrious, sombre, joyless, cheerless, mirthless
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/ˈmɔːnfʊl/ /ˈmɔːnf(ə)l/