Meaning of mouth-breather in English:



  • A stupid person.

    • ‘I was almost trampled by a herd of mouth-breathers, apparently in the grip of some kind of snack frenzy!’
    • ‘Forget all the mouth breathers in the audience, how do I feel about the record.’
    • ‘This chinless mouth-breather wants to make a movie about a man who becomes friends with a liberated lab monkey.’
    • ‘You can't silence these people, but you can spin them for all but the most partisan mouth breathers.’
    • ‘Older patients, especially those who are in a supine position and sedated, tend to become mouth breathers and snorers.’
    • ‘The only problem is we never care if these two bland mouth breathers ever get together.’
    • ‘While the mouth-breathers down in the sewer are crowing, this does raise concerns.’
    • ‘But in the meantime I feel like a mouth-breather.’
    • ‘Persons are individuals you know, and they are real, but people are just this bunch of mouth-breathers that clog up Brighton every summer.’
    • ‘And, although it seems a hugely shallow complaint, I was rather disturbed by the fact that Hirohito was played as a major mouth-breather.’
    • ‘That would offend the mouth breathers, apparently, who need to believe that anyone smarter than them (a door knob, for instance) is too effeminate to be president.’
    • ‘Do you think this means I am a mouth-breather?’
    • ‘As one would expect, his subjects are largely misanthropic, monosyllabic, malnourished mouth-breathers, all with the same vacant, 100-yard stare.’
    • ‘Then I had to run after the bus and ended up sitting next to some snotty mouth breather who offered me a half-licked lollipop.’
    • ‘But it doesn't forward a political agenda as much as it perfectly encapsulates the modern view of pre-teens as miscreant mouth breathers only capable of cursing, not thinking, for effect.’
    • ‘Lastly, writers that disrespect their readers, whether in their writing or in their comments, are shirtless-park-tanning mouth-breathers that need to enroll in charm school.’
    • ‘This one is for the mouth-breathers and kids in the back row.’
    • ‘Kerry goes on vacation, and suddenly the wingers, the knuckledraggers, the mouth breathers, and Whiney Joe own the echo chamber again.’