Meaning of moveless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmuːvləs/


mainly literary
  • Not moving or capable of moving or being moved.

    ‘Their choreographed turning of backs left me speechless and moveless so I limped to my lamely un-costumed friend and told him that I was leaving.’
    • ‘Recollecting the day he saw Napoleon on the street, the poet imagines what must be the tumult of thoughts behind Caesar's moveless mask-the cities, the factories, the armies rising in the conqueror's dream of power.’
    • ‘The frigate turned around glowing with jet engines, aimed at the center of the moveless Galaxy spiral whirlpool and started gaining speed.’
    • ‘How can the mind, which speaks and sports, become moveless?’
    • ‘I leaned toward her later and I looked at her moveless lips reading.’