Meaning of moviemaker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmuːvɪmeɪkə/


mainly North American
  • A person who directs or produces cinema films.

    ‘In attempting to make a broad-ranging, effective contemporary film, the moviemakers invoked images and qualities of other genres and times and created a hybrid product.’
    • ‘A film that has inspired moviemakers for decades, King Kong has finally come to DVD, just in time for its big screen remake by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.’
    • ‘Over the last century, writers like Rudyard Kipling and moviemakers like Walt Disney have given almost human qualities to what in real life are wild and untamable animals.’
    • ‘Roger Ebert argues against the attitude attributed to most independent moviemakers that, since they've created a film, it must, somehow, be seen.’
    • ‘A fantasy moviemaker himself, Davis deplores the widespread condescension toward genre films he sees in Canada and the U.S.’
    • ‘Some moviemakers are film students, while others are unschooled do-it-yourself types.’
    • ‘The film is being made by fledgling moviemakers Thirteen Films.’
    • ‘Too bad he did not have a clue about a moviemaker's most important quality, writing and directing film.’
    • ‘In the tradition of ground breaking moviemakers, he writes, directs and produces.’
    • ‘Universal Studios last week became the first major Hollywood moviemaker to make films available for video-on-demand on cable.’
    • ‘Yes, the future is filled with horrors that only moviemakers can dream up.’
    • ‘The structure lets the moviemakers preserve much of Thornton Wilder's writing, mostly in Juniper's narration and in the statements of the Archbishop.’
    • ‘And with those words, the moviemakers abandon the Owl Ranch (and we later learn, the entire project as well).’
    • ‘What we end up with is a sequence with a very authentic feeling, something that could very well be the final moments in the life of some soulless, amoral moviemakers.’
    • ‘What should the moviemakers do to salvage this mess?’
    • ‘Here's a clue, moviemakers: if you want us to care about characters, give them interesting personalities.’
    • ‘Apparently, the filmic horizons are as infinite as the limits of the sky for these amazing moviemakers and their crazy creations.’
    • ‘Animators and moviemakers everywhere are guilty for not giving us a product of this caliber up to this point.’
    • ‘Just because the stupid people don't get it doesn't mean that the moviemakers didn't.’
    • ‘A script offers no more to a great moviemaker than an opera libretto does to a great composer.’