Meaning of moving violation in English:

moving violation


  • A breach of traffic laws which occurs while the driver's vehicle is in motion.

    ‘aggressive drivers often commit multiple moving violations’
    • ‘Nobody wants to get pulled over by the police for a moving violation.’
    • ‘The company reported receiving 34 moving violations, most involving excessive speed.’
    • ‘I have received no tickets for moving violations in the past twenty-five years.’
    • ‘The suit also cites three moving violations she received in California from May 2009 to December 2010.’
    • ‘Moving violations - including speeding - also dropped dramatically, falling from 1,714 in 2003 to just 535 last year.’
    • ‘The statute also says that moving violations issued to bicyclists cannot affect their car insurance rates.’
    • ‘There were no serious injuries but the driver of the van got a moving violation.’
    • ‘Sometime before 10 a.m., a police officer stopped a car for a moving violation about a mile away from my place.’
    • ‘The trooper could have given her a $35 ticket for unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, a moving violation under the state's general laws.’
    • ‘If the person amassed too many of these moving violations, they could have their driver's licenses revoked.’