Meaning of mozz in English:


Pronunciation /mɒz/


‘After last night's lusty results, dealers and buyers would be unwilling to speculate for fear of putting the mozz on the market.’
  • ‘Didn't want to put the mozz on you Anto!’
  • ‘Whoever put the mozz on King Tut's Tomb should have done a refresher course in cursing, because something went horribly wrong with this one.’
  • ‘I don't want to put the mozz on her, like John Alexander and say she's going to get to No.1 or anything like that.’
  • ‘Rather than put the mozz on it we won't say the places and times until it is all finalised.’


    put the mozz on
    Australian informal
    • Exert a malign influence on (someone); jinx.

      • ‘I'm going to put the mozz on you’


1920s abbreviation of mozzle.