Significado de mozzie en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈmɒzi/

nombresustantivo plural mozzies

(also mossie)
  • A mosquito.

    ‘Unhealthy waterways and wetlands mean more midges and mozzies; another reason to keep our Hearns Lake foreshores safe from human occupation.’
    • ‘Over at Peter's there has been talk of flying ants and mozzies that seem to be attacking us in their thousands this year.’
    • ‘The smell of sausages sizzling, the taste of a chargrilled steak washed down with a cold beer, the sound of mozzies buzzing and cicadas singing.’
    • ‘However, the mozzie carrier, called Culex species, only brings the virus to us, the actual host is pigs and some waterbirds.’
    • ‘At dusk, I'd slather myself in body lotion, which kept the mozzies away a treat.’
    • ‘Some people just never get bothered by mozzies.’
    • ‘This is especially important around the equestrian centre where horses could be in danger of contracting the West Nile virus carried by mozzies.’
    • ‘Should I ask you for tips on how to steer clear of mozzies?’
    • ‘In the south of Sweden there seemed to be far fewer mozzies.’
    • ‘Although the mozzies can eat you alive, the mangroves are great for shellfish, which we cook on the fire and use sticks to pull out the meat.’
    • ‘Gentle, but if you go boating in Zapata in summer, when the mozzies bite and the crocs jump, it's a toughie.’
    • ‘I sat on my hammock, in my hut over the water, I read my books and I got eaten alive by mozzies.’
    • ‘Canada - the north has some fantastic rivers (but beware the mossies when you camp) whilst Vancouver Island has excellent sea and river kayaking.’
    • ‘As the lakes warm up, the mossies come out to play.’
    • ‘Rich in moss, mist and mozzies, New Zealand's southernmost forests appear serene, remote and virtually untouched by human hands.’
    • ‘He apparently has one of the electric bug and fly zappers and usually has a few dead mozzies as well, even though his house is screened.’
    • ‘I sit on the bank and listen to the night birds, the whirr of mossies and the old ladies' soft murmurings.’
    • ‘Anyway I'm getting eaten alive by mozzies out here so perhaps we should go inside and wash up?’
    • ‘‘Bats are very good at catching and eating mozzies and other insects,’ he adds.’
    • ‘Getting rid of the weeds at regular intervals gives those mozzies no place to hide, and tends to send them away elsewhere.’