Meaning of Mrs in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɪsɪz/

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  • 1The title used before a surname or full name to address or refer to a married woman without a higher or honorific or professional title.

    ‘Mrs Sally Jones’
    • ‘The only thing left was to ask Nick to buy an extra return ticket for the ferry Tuesday afternoon in the name of a Mrs S. Owen, but pay cash for this one.’
    • ‘On the appeal a Mrs Tunstall, a professional psychologist, gave evidence.’
    • ‘Although he never married, his long relationship with a Mrs Louisa Barrow produced four children, all of whom bore his name.’
    • ‘In 1880 a Mrs Millner, a member of the Religious Society of Friends, started the Industrial Association in order to help distressed Irish gentlewomen in Mountmellick.’
    • ‘‘The latest letter I got was from a Mrs Mungalsingh who complained about two radio stations,’ Prince recalled.’
    • ‘The national champion was placed third, with local rival Trevor Heeks of Trowbridge coming second and a Mrs Capewell from Peterborough winning overall.’
    • ‘We're now staying at a B & B run by a Mrs Peg Bogle, who remembers you.’
    • ‘It is inscribed at the front as belonging to a Mrs Janet Maule and dated June 25 1701, although recipes have been added over a number of years.’
    • ‘In 1977 the then president of the Panacea Society, a Mrs Cuthbertson, produced a list of 15 conditions for opening the box.’
    • ‘A century later, the Hull Ladies' Musical Union, founded at the home of a Mrs Dover of Hinderwell Street in the city, is still going strong.’
    • ‘That was the question sent to reader Mrs M. Yates by a Mrs B. Bryan, who now lives in Tasmania but who used to live in Ringley, and whose maiden name was Wilson.’
    • ‘The building was leased to a Mrs Park in 1960 and then was made into residential dwellings - a house and a cottage.’
    • ‘Storrs told how he visited a Mrs Downes, a washerwoman who was in labour with her tenth child, on January 7, 1841.’
    • ‘Spot prizes were won by Tommy Bredican, Phylis Bredican, Mrs Fiona Durkin and Mrs Noreen Geraghty.’
    • ‘I have been requested by a reader - a Mrs Trellis of North Island - for more up to date news of our favourite family.’
    • ‘In 1841, a Mrs Harriet Hatt noticed a strangely dressed man enter a shop.’
    • ‘The other founder to be honoured, a Mrs Langdon, died some years ago.’
    • ‘One day I was sent as a gardener to a Mrs Milligan of 127 Holden Road, Finchley.’
    • ‘Yes, and it's a marvellous fruitcake sent to us by a Mrs Bradford of Bingley.’
    • ‘Alora was being picked up from the airport at nine-thirty by a Mrs Harrow, after watching Jessie's plane fly away.’
    1. 1.1 informal A person's wife.
      • ‘my other brother will be there with his Mrs and his kids’
      • ‘ the Mrs and I were hungry and we were very happy with the food here’
      wife, spouse, bride


Early 17th century abbreviation of mistress; compare with missus.