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muck in

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phrasal verb

informal British
  • Share tasks or facilities with other people on an equal basis.

    • ‘in a small business, everyone has to muck in’
    • ‘the managing director will be mucking in with 200 volunteers’
    • ‘Beer, spare parts and tales of the day's adventures are enthusiastically shared while everybody mucks in with repairs.’
    • ‘Catches of fish were shared, friends mucked in to build neighbours' homes, sods were replaced after peat-cutting and even the soot-covered inner thatch was recycled as fertiliser.’
    • ‘Everyone is expected to muck in with the camp chores: pitching tents, collecting firewood, cooking the meals and shopping in local markets.’
    • ‘When they finally get home, they are, quite reasonably, expected to muck in with the shopping, cleaning and childcare.’
    • ‘Telecom's technology was far more basic in the early days and a country manager was expected to muck in when lines went down.’
    • ‘It is inherent in student life that different students will come and go at different times and that groups will vary in their habits so far as sharing expenses and generally mucking in are concerned…’
    • ‘From sweeping the floors to reading bedtime stories, the show sees Melinda mucking in with all the daily tasks of the house.’
    • ‘Happy to muck in with any number of undignified playgroup tasks, one dad has been quick to name his price.’
    • ‘The nurses are brilliant and because it's so small everyone just mucks in.’
    • ‘There is a good community feel about us, everybody mucks in and they just want me to succeed in the new club.’
    • ‘It is like a family, and when the chips are down, everybody is there and just sort of mucks in, she says.’
    • ‘‘Christmas Day is exactly the same as it is in anyone's home - it's a bit hectic and everyone mucks in,’ he said.’
    • ‘He likes a beer and he socialises and he mucks in.’
    • ‘The middle of five children (four girls and a boy), she grew up in Yorkshire on a small cattle farm and spent her childhood outdoors, mucking in feeding the livestock, chasing them when they ran amok through neighbours' gardens.’
    • ‘I must stress at this point that our friends are pretty good at mucking in and we do enjoy seeing them.’
    • ‘Indeed, said Doreen, many guests were amazed to see her mucking in around the farmyard in a pair of overalls, but B&B fits in well with the farming business, with Doreen and her husband Peter working at both.’
    • ‘They are quite self-orientated usually, but after a week mucking in with their cousins, they help out more.’
    • ‘It was good to see there is some community spirit left with everyone mucking in to lend a hand and do whatever they could.’
    • ‘Angela says the response from parents has been overwhelming and many have become involved themselves, either musically or mucking in with stage management.’
    • ‘Raised in Anstruther, where her parents run a hotel, she was used to mucking in and helping with the waitressing, cooking and cleaning, as required.’
    help out, help, assist, lend a hand, join in, pitch in, participate, play a part, contribute, do one's bit, chip in, cooperate, collaborate, put one's shoulder to the wheel
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