Meaning of mudroom in English:



North American
  • A small room or entryway where footwear and outer clothes can be removed before entering a house.

    ‘shoes don't come into the house—they are removed and stashed away in the mudroom’
    • ‘The old kitchen was transformed into a mudroom.’
    • ‘More storage, often in the form of a back-door mudroom, is a must.’
    • ‘They stood in the aptly named mudroom just off of the great kitchen trying to remove the grime.’
    • ‘A mudroom, which features a playroom above, separates the family space from the garage.’
    • ‘It had its own private entrance from outside and was also separated from our main living area by a mudroom.’
    • ‘Avid horseback riders and gardeners, the couple also needed a first-floor mudroom and bath where they could clean up after a day spent outdoors.’
    • ‘Hang one or two racks in a mudroom or laundry room, and let shoes and garments drip-dry.’
    • ‘"The mudroom had only a couple of windows and was pretty dark," says Troi.’
    • ‘In the manner of the traditional farmhouse mudroom, these spaces provide a transitional zone for shedding contaminants that have attached to shoes and clothing.’
    • ‘When pool season closes, bring the stool into the garage or mudroom.’



/ˈmʌdruːm/ /ˈmʌdrʊm/