Meaning of multifaith in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌltifeɪθ/


  • Involving or characterized by a variety of religions.

    ‘the multifaith approach aims to develop an attitude of tolerance’
    • ‘Some advocate a multi-faith approach to religion.’
    • ‘Whilst children in state schools are now taught more about different religions through multi-faith classes, there is barely any mixing between the cultures, the review states.’
    • ‘It is now a multi-faith spiritual retreat, hailed as ‘The Yoga Capital of the World’, as well as a Hindu sanctuary.’
    • ‘Religious instruction can be single-faith and indoctrinatory; religious education is usually multi-faith, and relatively balanced and objective.’
    • ‘But the bank yesterday said it would only support those that are urban, culturally diverse and support multi-faith religious education.’
    • ‘Many years ago when my daughter was at secondary school they started teaching multi-faith in religious education.’
    • ‘So we've got a fair bit of variety there, with some multi-faith awareness too.’
    • ‘Having evolved into an ecumenical organisation, the chaplaincy is now multi-faith in nature.’
    • ‘This shows that Britain is not as much of a multi-faith society as some people suggest.’
    • ‘It is established practice in many hospitals as part of a multi-faith approach that they employ Imams on the same basis as chaplains and make payment by session.’
    • ‘These guiding principles may assist you in planning for educational opportunities that will equip children and youth for their lives in a multi-faith world.’
    • ‘There is also a plan for a multi-faith prayer room behind the chaplaincy centre which is also very important for the station.’
    • ‘But the FA ruled the multi-faith team could not opt out on religious grounds and took disciplinary action when the boys failed to play the matches.’
    • ‘‘We have a multi-faith community and passions can be inflamed by religious issues,’ he said.’
    • ‘Freedom of religion in a multi-faith, multicultural democracy must also necessarily entail freedom from religion.’
    • ‘The legitimate aim was the proper running of a multi-cultural, multi-faith, secular school.’
    • ‘In a secular society, there can be issues about finding clergy who can relate with pupils and in a multi-faith society, it is important that you don't just represent the mainstream faith.’
    • ‘He plans visits to organisations he supports, including ecology projects, a hospice, church buildings renewal and a multi-faith refugee centre, and has cleared Thursday of public engagements for a day based at Holyrood.’
    • ‘They actively celebrate each other's festivals, participate in multi-faith activities and treat each other with respect and tolerance.’