Meaning of multifunctional in English:


Pronunciation /mʌltɪˈfʌŋ(k)ʃ(ə)n(ə)l/

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(also multifunction)
  • Having or fulfilling several functions.

    ‘a multifunctional optical-disk drive’
    • ‘There's just too much choice between single function and multifunction machines, so this Comparison Test should help you find your way through them.’
    • ‘The next one has to do with multifunction versus dedicated function.’
    • ‘New generations of multifunction DVD drives that support all of the popular DVD media formats have made the competing formats almost irrelevant.’
    • ‘If each gene regulated by a transcription factor is viewed as one function of that factor, then most transcription factors are multifunctional.’
    • ‘In addition to its protective function, the seed coat serves as a multifunctional organ and is involved in supplying nutrients to the embryo sac during seed development.’
    • ‘In the case of multifunctional genes, this is possible if the critical functions are shared by duplicate genes.’
    • ‘In addition, they could switch from multifunction buttons to buttons with single functions illustrated by icons.’
    • ‘You can also get a multifunction option as well giving you copying functions as well.’
    • ‘First, there is a general acceptance that armed forces must possess the ability to adapt to differing modes of war right along the conflict spectrum by becoming multifunctional.’
    • ‘The multifunctional role of agriculture in the EU, including its environmental, food quality and rural development roles, would be abandoned.’
    • ‘Apart from the strong demand in multifunctional buildings there is also a strong investors' interest in buying and renting storage facilities.’
    • ‘If I were ever limited to growing just one herb it would have to be parsley, one of the most multifunctional of all plants.’
    • ‘The building will be multifunctional with a large exhibition space, workshop, resource room and meeting space in addition to offices for Trust staff.’
    • ‘The playground will be multifunctional, half of it will be a basketball court and the other half will be an area where children can play general games.’
    • ‘Some of the pieces are multifunctional, such as her perforated box vase, which can double as a candleholder.’
    • ‘The brief was to create a multifunction hall, meeting rooms and storage.’
    • ‘A common theme of all of these small proteins is that some of them have at least two functional roles and can therefore be seen as multifunctional tools.’
    • ‘All of Eric's furniture pieces - whether plastic, metal, or bent plywood - are multifunctional and easily portable.’
    • ‘The origins of gardening lie in growing plants with a purpose and for those who favour the growing of multifunctional flora, the common elder is certainly a plant for consideration.’
    • ‘The resort will also include a multifunctional complex with dining and entertainment venues and a golf clubhouse, as well as tennis courts and swimming facilities.’