Meaning of multiplatinum in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmʌltɪˈplatɪnəm/


  • Denoting or relating to a musical recording that has sold more than two million copies.

    ‘In today's mainstream hip-hop, the mark of success is multiplatinum sales.’
    • ‘I think I can handle the multiplatinum album thing, too.’
    • ‘The call the band made on this record could be the most subversive thing the multiplatinum quartet have done.’
    • ‘I want to branch out and just have a lot of multiplatinum albums.’
    • ‘The album, which went multiplatinum, established the sonic template for pop music in the late nineties.’
    • ‘And I have since learned that there is a time and place for multiplatinum MCs with party rhymes, albeit sparingly.’
    • ‘I highly recommend writing several hit singles and recording a handful of multiplatinum albums, because it is a very lucrative endeavor, trust me!’
    • ‘But the multiplatinum newcomers were garlanded with a bevy of Grammy nominations.’
    • ‘He's got Grammys and multiplatinum albums.’
    • ‘He is responsible for the development of a multiplatinum roster of performers.’
    • ‘The film also produced a multiplatinum sound track and a popular television series spin-off.’
    • ‘They've achieved multiplatinum success, despite numerous lawsuits and roster changes.’
    • ‘All the while, he was polishing his talents as a producer, creating instrumentals not only for himself, but also for multiplatinum established artists.’
    • ‘The album was warmer and smarter than most contemporary multiplatinum albums by female pop divas.’
    • ‘In fact, I'm hoping that his inevitable descent from the pop stratosphere will help him abandon multiplatinum dreams and focus on his growth as an artist.’