Meaning of multiracially in English:



See multiracial

‘My decision was to multiracially identify, though it has not changed how people of all races deal with me.’
  • ‘This will have to be addressed both within the Fijian indigenous community and multiracially in the nation as a whole.’
  • ‘So she approached the principal with her portfolio and her idea: to have students work together under her supervision to design and create a multiracially themed piece for the school.’
  • ‘But we need to work on that so that Britain becomes even more successful multiracially, and we shall not help matters if we put people in isolated conditions of social exclusion.’
  • ‘As these children become adults, the United States is likely to see a corresponding increase in multiracial identity as it becomes more socially acceptable and as the current cohort of multiracial children have their own children, who may then choose to identify multiracially.’