Meaning of multitask in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌltɪtɑːsk/

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  • 1(of a person) deal with more than one task at the same time.

    ‘I managed my time efficiently and multitasked’
    • ‘It says, ‘I am multitasking when I am talking on the phone, trying to finish some paperwork, and trying to answer with my hands someone who has asked me a question.’’
    • ‘Think about that the next time you're multitasking.’
    • ‘When it looks like you're multitasking - you're looking at one TV screen and another TV screen and you're talking on the telephone - your attention has to shift from one to the other.’
    • ‘Mind you, I was multitasking - that's right, Luke can do more than one thing badly at the same time - so it wasn't as though I wasn't working at the same time.’
    • ‘I'm far more productive when I've got lots of things on my plate instead of when just the one; if I'm not multitasking, nothing gets done.’
    • ‘When you're multitasking at full tilt, balance is one of the first things to suffer.’
    • ‘We're always multitasking, especially us women.’
    • ‘Dancers are multitasking - not just doing steps, but expressing a character, showing a choreographic pattern to make the ensemble work clear.’
    • ‘If we are not compartmentalizing, we are multitasking.’
    • ‘He was always multitasking and thinking of better ways to do things.’
    • ‘I am just saying that people are doing all this - they are multitasking when they're driving.’
    • ‘I can multitask and perform the gruelling art of time management to perfection.’
    • ‘The thing is, they really don't have any less of my attention than they used to, before I started multitasking in meetings.’
    • ‘I've heard some women claim that men do not multitask well… I think I do pretty well where that is concerned, but to a point.’
    • ‘This is not the same as multitasking, which involves dealing with more than one job at the same time.’
    • ‘She claims that she can multitask mindless tasks while she gives full attention to our conversation.’
    • ‘With alternating awe and bemusement, Paul watches as his entrepreneur wife multitasks, plunging herself into the center of whatever she touches - creating, re-creating, changing, improving.’
    • ‘They don't multitask as much as younger generations do, preferring to engage in one medium at a time, but they haven't abandoned the media habits they developed growing up even as they have embraced the new.’
    • ‘Sure, most guys can't multitask, but at least your shaving products can.’
    • ‘Initially, it struck me that multitasking whilst at a conference is really bad for your concentration.’
  • 2(of a computer) execute more than one program or task simultaneously.

    ‘its interface and ability to multitask feels a lot better than the devices powered by the single core processor’
    • ‘They say other benefits include faster screen redraws for improved imaging, faster loading of applications, better multitasking, and faster execution of Java and other programming languages.’
    • ‘I think the point is that a preemptively multitasking, protected mode virtual memory operating system shouldn't be letting third party DLLs crash the system.’
    • ‘For average users, this computer would redefine multitasking.’
    • ‘It's based on a multitasking kernel - there's multitasking in there - but we had to make some choice there.’
    • ‘Again, clock speeds seem to matter more with current applications and multitasking.’