Meaning of multitool in English:



  • A small device that incorporates several tools within a single unit.

    ‘many bike riders carry some form of multitool’
    • ‘He recommends bike owners purchase a standard multitool.’
    • ‘Drawing out my multitool, I unfold the longer of the two blades.’
    • ‘We need to cut the tube open but have no knife, so Rob stabs it with the screwdriver on his multitool.’
    • ‘Ideally, you would use a good multitool with a comfortable grip.’
    • ‘I take my multitool and open the long blade.’
    • ‘Of the multitool's blades, the inch-and-a-half one is sharper than the three-inch one.’
    • ‘He can fix broken machinery or cut through iron grates with his multitool.’
    • ‘He slid his multitool out of its holster.’
    • ‘It's the only multitool I consistently carry on me.’
    • ‘Ask for a multitool, it's got everything from a screwdriver to a ruler.’